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Kids Yoga

Preschool and Primary School Program


Yoga is an incredible practice for all age groups and can have a profound impact on children.


 We offer three different bespoke programs:

Preschool Children (aged 12 months - 6 years)

Primary School aged Children (aged 5years - 12 years)

High School aged Children (aged 11 years - 18 years)


Children are guided through a fun and interactive practice that is themed around stretching and movement, breath work and balance. Each week the children explore a new yoga adventure or theme that builds body awareness, confidence, resilience and calm.

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"Yoga with Raewyn is the highlight of our week. My daughter practices her breathing and poses at home almost every day. It has made such a big difference for us" - Julie

How does yoga benefit our children?



Yoga helps children manage their anxiety

Yoga improves children’s emotional regulation

Yoga boosts children’s self-esteem

Yoga increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness

Yoga enhances children’s concentration and memory

Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility

Yoga teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity

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