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A energising blend of essential oils to uplift your spirits and get your creativity flowing. Think lightness of being for those days where your energy is heavy and stagnant. This candle blend features sweet orange, cinnamon and ginger essential oils.

This candle features Tiger’s Eye crystals. Tiger’s Eye is the stone of courage, power, and protection. It bestows on us the ability to maintain our presence and power in this physical world. Tiger’s Eye also protects from the evil eye and can remove negative energies.

It is a stone of health and vitality.


This candle is hand poured. Made with natural lead-free cotton wicks and the highest quality non-toxic soy blend wax for a burn that is pure and intensely fragrant. Amber glass jar approx. 380g I No Parabens. No Silicones. No PEGs.

Awakening Hand Poured Soy Candle (Kapha Blend)

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