Winter Cleanse

Winter is here!

I love the invitation to slow down and soak up a more restorative pace during these colder months. Winter is the time of the year where we build longevity and resilience to carry us through the brighter and busier seasons.


In our 'non-stop' world, many of us have lost our connection to the natural rhythm of nature and as a result we are experiencing burn out, stress, anxiety, depression and disease on a level that is not sustainable. 

This three day cleanse is an opportunity for a re-set. Āyurveda suggests that as we transition at the seasonal juncture, we are most vulnerable to illness and imbalance. This cleanse is not a juice fast or a restrictive and punishing process that puts strain on your nervous system and gut health. Rather, this cleanse is a gentle reminder that through nourishing food, rest, meditation and daily movement we can rediscover our radiance.

Join me by purchasing the cleanse below - you will get daily yoga practices, daily meditations, yoga Nidra, recipes and more!

In love and service,

Rae x