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Community Ice Bath

Our next session - Sunday April 14th at 10:30am

A transformative experience that transcends boundaries... 

Our Community Ice Bath Experience.

Join us for a monthly journey into the world of ice bathing. Beyond the chill of the water lies a scientifically proven method that empowers individuals, improves immunity, reduces inflammation and nurtures resilience.

What is the Ice Bath Experience?

Immerse yourself in an ancient practice modernised for its remarkable benefits. Our sessions combine the invigorating plunge into ice-cold water with specialised breathwork techniques. This holistic approach is designed not to disrupt but to fortify our nervous system, cultivating resilience and reducing stress on the body.

Scientific Benefits

Science stands firmly behind the myriad advantages of ice bathing. From enhancing circulation and reducing inflammation to boosting the immune system and fostering mental clarity, the benefits are profound. Through controlled exposure to cold, our bodies adapt, triggering responses that enhance overall well-being.

Empowering Resilience

Our emphasis on strengthening the stress response is at the core of this experience. By subjecting ourselves to controlled stress through the ice bath, we learn to navigate and overcome challenges, fostering resilience in our daily lives. The accompanying breathwork harmonises with the cold exposure, enhancing the experience and its positive effects.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Each session operates on a donation-based model, with all proceeds dedicated to One Girl Australia. By participating, you not only invest in your well-being but also contribute to empowering girls and women through education and opportunity.


Join Our Community

We invite you to become a part of our welcoming community, where personal growth intersects with philanthropy. Together, we embrace the cold, discover our inner strength, and make a tangible impact on the world.


  • Frequency: Monthly sessions

  • Donation-Based: Your generosity supports One Girl Australia

  • Location: Picton NSW

  • Duration: Approx. 45 minutes

  • What to Expect: A guided experience blending ice bathing with breath work

  • What to bring: Swimmers, towel and something warm to wear afterwards

Chai and fruit are served after the plunge. Ice and use of the ice-baths is included in booking fee.

Book Your Spot

Secure your place in this transformative journey today. Limited spots available for each session. Reserve now and discover the power within you while supporting a noble cause.

Experience the chill, embrace the resilience, and make a difference. See you at the ice bath!

Disclaimer: Consult your healthcare provider before participating, especially if you have medical conditions or concerns.

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