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About Raewyn

RCYT,E-RYT 500,YACEP Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach + Diploma in Health Science

Business Mentor + Website Designer

Welcome, radiant souls! I'm Raewyn, a passionate advocate for holistic health and energy work. With a decade of experience as a yoga teacher and a deep-rooted connection to ancient practices, I am dedicated to empowering individuals on their transformative journeys.


As an Ayurveda wellness coach and herbal enthusiast, I specialise in supporting individual's well-being through organic herbs and Ayurvedic wisdom. My tailored approach embraces the innate power of nature, harnessing its healing energy to restore balance and vitality.Through the art of yoga, I will guide you to cultivate self-awareness, strength, and grace. Join me in empowering yoga classes that honour the divine feminine energy within each of us, encouraging a deeper connection to our bodies and souls.

In addition to yoga, I offer workshops and retreats that delve into the realms of energy work and self-discovery. Through these immersive experiences, you'll embark on a transformative journey, exploring ancient practices, and awakening your inner wisdom.Nurturing sacred sisterhood is close to my heart, which is why I facilitate empowering women's circles. These gatherings provide a safe and supportive space for women to share, heal, and grow together. Join our circle as we celebrate the beauty and strength that resides within each woman.If you're seeking a holistic path to well-being, a profound connection to your feminine energy, and a transformative experience, I invite you to join me on this sacred journey. Together, we'll unlock your innate potential and embrace the radiant essence that makes you uniquely beautiful.

Raewyn Fernandez

"I have attended different yoga classes for the last 20 years and Raewyn is my favourite teacher. I first attended her classes for pre-natal yoga and they were perfect. Raewyn has a deep knowledge of yoga and ayurvedic principals and her classes flow so beautifully. Her classes are welcoming and she is always so helpful and supportive when I have any restrictions with my body. I enjoy her classes immensely and have learned some very helpful techniques to practise at home that have positively impacted my yoga practice."

Teneille Bolt 

My Lineage

Mark Breadner Yoga Coach
Mark Breadner

I am the longest ongoing serving Yoga Educator in Australia with over 25 years of experience in educating and personally training over 2,000 teachers in the whole science of yoga. Throughout my career, I have designed and created training packages for Heart of Yoga Sydney, Nature Care College, BodyMindLife Sydney, and YogaCoach. As a Personal Yoga Trainer (PYT), I have also worked and traveled with Olympic Gold medallists and World Champions in swimming and surfing. My experience has allowed me to refine my approach to teaching yoga, and I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with yoga teachers who want to make a difference in the world.

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Limor Babai

Limor Babai* worked as a director of Macquarie Bank before becoming a meditation teacher based in Sydney.

She was trained by Thom Knoles in the United States and India. Knoles is an internationally renowned meditation teacher who travels the world teaching Vedic Meditation and mentoring high-profile professionals. Limor managed Thom's international tours and courses before starting her own meditation centre with Thom's blessing and endorsement.

Having enjoyed the immediate and sustainable results from her meditation practice, Limor's decision to become a teacher was based on the desire to make this meditation technique available to everyone.

Dylan Smith Vital Veda
Dylan Smith

Founder, certified Ayurvedic practitioner, holistic health educator, proponent of Vedic wisdom, and eternal student for life. Dylan Smith, has a holistic passion to teach patients to effortlessly integrate new habits into their daily life. Dylan directs and treats from the Vital Veda clinic, consults online, teaches and lectures on Ayurveda and holistic health across the globe.

Regularly travelling to South India to train with an internationally renowned family of Ayurvedic doctors, Dylan is devoted to learning, sharing and radiating this ancient knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy, to experience total wellness and bliss.

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Katie Silcox

Katie Silcox, M.A. is the New York Times Best-Selling author of the book Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women and the upcoming new book - Glow-Worthy. She is the founder of The Shakti School, a premier online certification school for women-centered holistic wellness.  She holds a Masters degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, is a member of the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association and is currently pursuing depth studies in Jungian Psychology. Her platform focuses on the convergence of ancient holistic medicine, functional medicine science and heart-centered spirituality. In her former life, she has been a researcher in Artificial Intelligence, a cover model for Yoga Journal magazine in Russia and the owner of a beach bar in Spain.

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The Raju Family

The Raju Family are authoritative figures and internationally renowned in the world Ayurveda scene today.

The Raju family comes from a long line of distinguished Vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians) going back for generations on both the mothers’ and fathers’ sides. They have experience and success in treating a full range of diseases, from prevention to seemingly incurable.

Practicing for over 13 generations, their speciality is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive patient evaluation through Pulse Diagnosis. They also specialise in creating very effective and individualised treatments using precise knowledge and application of rare and powerful herbal formulas.

Sole Del Riccio Smith
Sole Del Riccio-Smith

Sole Del Riccio Smith is a birth & postpartum doula and Ayurvedic Therapist.

She is passionate about the importance of honouring and nourishing women throughout significant and sacred rites of passage, and various health circumstances.

She has been trained as a doula with the Raju Family of Ayurvedic doctors, Anna Watts (founder of Celebration of Birth Doula Academy) and Daniela Escobar from Soma Shakti, as well as by The Raju Family of Ayurvedic Vaidyas.

Sole devotes her life to this work, to honour and enliven the Divine within each individual and each aspect of life.

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Jasmine Tarkeshi

Jasmine Tarkeshi is the Co-Founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in NYC and SF and co-creator of Lotus Flow TM Vinyasa Yoga and Teacher Training. Jasmine has been a devoted student of the ancient transformative practices of Yoga for over 23 years and is a master teacher, teaching for over 18 years.

She has shared her joy, wisdom and passion for yoga to students around the world as well as teaching teacher trainings for 15 years. Born into a mystical tradition, she was raised in the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche by her mother and teacher, Alice Tarkeshi.

Idit Hefer Sukha Mukha Yoga
Idit Hefer

Idit, the founder of Sukha Mukha Yoga and the Director of Sukha Mukha Yoga teacher training, has been immersed in the practice and philosophy of yoga for over 25 years.

Idit’s primary interests lie in Vinyasa flow, viewing it as a form of body poetry and expression.


Idit also explores Alignment as a means of aligning the body, mind, and spirit, and embraces Restorative Yoga as an essential practice for relaxing the nervous system and navigating life’s magical yet often challenging journey.

Katie Rose Bhakti Rose
Katie Rose

Katie’s passion is in yogic philosophy and the seasonal practices of sadhana – bringing devotion and a sense of the sacred to everyday life, as well as compassion for animals and a deep reverence for nature.  Katie is a published author of several books.

Katie is an advanced level Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and a teacher of Ayurveda.  I am also qualified in Kundalini Yoga and as a doula (childbirth support person) and I hold the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia.  I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years. 

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