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Have you ever smudged before?

We are headed in to the last week of the lunar cycle and is a great time for smudging!

Smudging is a way to energetically cleanse a space and invite positive energy. When smudging, you burn plant material typically sage or palo santo wood. The smoke fills and purifies and creates a ‘clean slate’ to manifest new intentions.

When we clear out the old energy it is really important to put something back in its ‘place’ and this is where we use prayer or intention.

A mantra that I love to use when cleansing with smoke is…

‘I open this space to divine love, may all the energy that flows through here benefit the heart space. May it hold compassion, nurturance, forgiveness, and truth.’

You could use Sage, Palo Santo, Essential Oils (I love lemongrass) or even incense.

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