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The Season Of Earth Element and How It Affects You...

As the sun lingers late in the evening, the balmy nights remind us that summer is not such a distant memory.

We are in the elemental season of Earth. This element governs what is referred to as ‘late summer’ - we are really experiencing this in Australia this week.

This is the ‘harvest’ time of the year and we can take stock in the celebr

ation and abundance of summer and let that nourish our body and mind.

‘Earth is a gentle rolling hill, a long golden beach, or a staggering mountain range. Within us, Earth is family and friends. It is the fabric of life that we create and nurture with integrity. The season The Earth element belongs to a “fifth season” that spans from the hazy days following the peak of summer to the start of fall. During this time of year, we focus on the digestive system, nourishment, and stability.’ - Balance Acupuncture.

Some key tips for this season:

- Eat seasonal produce that is sourced as close to where you live as possible.

- Try and eat at the same time each day. Regular mealtimes that fall at the same time each day can really support healthy digestion.

- Adopt a daily gratitude practice. Bring to mind 3 things you are grateful for each day - I like to do this before I go to bed.

- Ensure you are getting adequate sleep

- Stay hydrated!

Take some time to consider how the change in season impacts you physically and energetically. Do you have a favourite season?

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